About the Crisis Center

The NYSCF Crisis Center is located at the Rao Center 100 Church Street Amsterdam NY 12010.
The Crisis Center will take referrals from  local schools and other agencies who work with the children and families of our community. We also take walk-ins and man an emergency hotline. We will assist those who are at risk or have experienced abuse or neglect, domestic violence, economic hardship, have had a family tragedy such as fire, flood, death, loss of a job etc.   It is during these times of immediate crisis that there is always a lapse in time before larger agencies such as DSS, are able and available to assist these children and families. This is where  our Crisis Center hopes to step in and be that bridge to assist them in their time of need, while referring them to available resources to help them obtain a more sustainable life situation.

The Crisis Center provides clothing, seasonal gear (ex: jackets, hats/gloves), baby items (ex: diapers, wipes, formula/food and bottles ), non-perishable food items, toiletries and personal hygiene items.

Through our services we will intervene during these times of need and provide emergency aid and referral services to other local agencies so the individual/family can obtain a more sustainable and stable life situation. There are to many times that abuse and neglect can be prevented if the right services were made readily and easily available. Our community is truly an area in great need, but through the partnership of the NYSCF Crisis Center and other local community agencies, along with the support of the community we are hoping to bridge the gap between immediate need and long term services by offering this emergency aid and following up with referrals for the client.

- The NYS Children's Foundation Team

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